Liverpool DoES Startups 3 – Be your own boss – live the dream

20 June 2014 19:00 – 22 June 2014 16:00 DoES Liverpool

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Do you dream of being your own boss? Are you both excited and scared by the prospect?

Would you love to do what you love to do rather than what you have to do?

But how do you start a business when all you have is an idea?

This weekend workshop is for you!

You will learn how to recognise a good business idea and plan how to get it to launch.

You will have a series of questions you need to answer before you invest a penny in stock. You will find out what customers look like and what they think. And you may be surprised! You will learn how to recognise a good business from a hobby.

You will leave with a template for any business idea you have.

You will have a very clear idea about the next steps you need to take to turn your dream into reality.

Who is in control of your future? You? Your boss? Your boss’s boss?

Take back control!

If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.

Eventbrite - Lean startup weekend: Be Your Own Boss- Live the Dream

Lean Teams

This event is run by Lean Teams as part of their offering for the International Festival of Business – see for more details.